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A Sugar Bug On My Tooth

It’s Natalie Jean’s first dental appointment, and she’s afraid.  Natalie Jean has no idea what to expect.  A little girl crying in the waiting room frightens Natalie Jean about coming to the dentist.  “Natalie Jean McDonald!” calls the dental assistant.  Find out what happens when the dentist tells Natalie Jean she has a SUGAR BUG!


Illustrator Reginald William Butler

Reginald William Butler, artist/writer, is a New York City Creative Guru and alumnus of The Cooper Union.  He’s directed and produced work for various giants in the Animation, Children’s Publishing and Commercial Graphic Industries.  Butler, a veteran who has worked for Sesame Workshop, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, creates child-friendly illustrations that will remind young readers of their favorite cartoons.  It’s the illustrations that make this a standout picture book.


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An approachable tale of a first dental visit with pictures and a tone that will provide a reassuring beginning lesson to preschool-aged readers…. To read Full Kirkus review Click Here